Proformance Football is about developing players from the grassroots in a professional manner, age-appropriate, to get them ready for their future, be it as pro players or any other path they choose in life.

Yuri Ruh dos Santos is an ex-player who played for 1st division club AS TRENCIN (ajax affiliate) among others. He was scouted at the age of 16 from Marbella FC. Prior to this, Yuri had played and competed at the top tier of the Spanish national youth, División de Honor Juvenil.

Since three, he has been a competing player in the Spanish youth system. When he was first transferred to a first-division club, the experience was nothing short of an eye-opener. In spite of a lifetime of experience playing football at the top youth level, in one of the BIG 5 football nations, it came as a shock to realize that professional football was a whole new ballgame.

His entire life has been about football, but his years of formation at the Spanish grassroots had not fully prepared him for this. He discovered very quickly that natural talent was one thing and that is how he got big clubs to notice him, but it wasn’t enough. He had to learn fast and the hard way; trying to navigate alone at a young age, away from his family and friends, in a country he didn’t know and a language he didn’t speak. He was thrown into the deep end and had no other choice but to start playing with everything he had.

Yuri’s idea behind Proformance Football is to develop players from the grassroots in a professional manner, age-appropriate, to get them ready for their future, be it as pro players or any other path they choose. From his own experience, Yuri realized that unless players are part of a 1st division club’s grassroots program, their development is limited.

A footballer’s development is not solely about physical skills, coordination, agility, and an understanding of the game.  It is a combination of the physical and the mental. It is about creativity, imagination, vision, spacial awareness, and learning to make accurate decisions within split seconds. It is about learning to perform under pressure, learning to keep your composure, and keeping your mind clear and sharp at all times in order to deliver to the best of your abilities. It is about working together with other teammates to achieve a common goal. It is about anticipation, and it requires focus, discipline, humility, self-assurance, determination, belief, and a strong mindset. It is about learning to navigate in a competitive environment –  skills that serve in all aspects of life in general.

Proformance Football training sessions build character as well as nurture players in both their physical and mental development. Our grassroots program is focused on children between the ages of 6 and 19. The main goal of the program is to teach football and help children develop their skills by providing them with professional training sessions. The focus is on drills that truly challenge a young player’s natural talent to help them perfect their skills and perform to the best of their ability. It also provides a mindset and helps develop their personal strengths through focus, discipline, perseverance, team spirit, hard work, and respect, all within a healthy, competitive environment.

Yuri has designed unique rules and training sessions for different age groups. The sessions are taught in both English and Spanish. Our players come from everywhere, it is a very international culture. Every child is looked after with extra care. We focus on developing and strengthing their individual skills as well as being part of a group by observing the player’s overall performance on the field. Our objective is to build players and arm them with the tools they need to succeed. We aim to ease their road to success by preparing them for what is to come.